Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Clinical Psychology of Ethnic Minorities Summer Newsletter

The Summer 2015 Newsletter is now available here! Follow this link to read about updates and information from Division 12 Section 6, including APA Programming! Hope to see many of you in Toronto next month!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Additional Events and Opportunities

Please read below for upcoming Division 12 events and opportunities! 

Please join APA Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) for our 2015 CE webinar series.  We will kick off 2015 with a presentation by Dr. John Pachankis discussing his Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice article “Uncovering clinical principles and techniques to address minority stress, mental health, and related health risks among gay and bisexual men.” 

When: Wednesday, 01/28/15, from 6-7 PM EST  (1 C.E. credit)
*      Cost: $15 members, $50 non-members.  Copies of the article will be made available to all participants.
**COMING IN 2015: Mark your calendars for these other exciting CE opportunities!**

Feb. 11 (2 PM EST) Bunmi Olatunji: Treatment of Disgust in Anxiety and Related Disorders

April 13 (3 PM EST) Eric Youngstrom: Working Smarter, Not Harder: Evidence Based Assessment in Clinical Practice

May 12 (8:30 AM EST) Jacqueline Gollan: Using Behavioral Activation Treatment to Treat Perinatal Mood Disorders

June 2 (1 PM ESTMeet the CP:SP AuthorsKeith Dobson & Michael Spilka: Promoting the internationalization of evidence-based practice: Benchmarking as a strategy to evaluate culturally transported psychological treatments

July 8 (12 PM EST) Antonette Zeiss: Geriatric Primary Care: Psychologists' Roles on the Interprofessional Team

Sept. 9 (7 PM ESTApplying for internship (Panel discussion with Allison Ponce, Mitch Prinstein, Randi Streisand, & Risa Weisberg)

Oct. 15 (3 PM EST) Jennifer Moye: Promoting Psychological Health after Cancer Treatment 

Nov. 4 (2 PM EST) Allan Harkness: Evaluation of Emotion, Personality, and Internal Models of External Reality:  Implications for Psychological Intervention

Latest Updates

Check out the latest Division 12 Section 6 updates:

- An Open Letter of Love to Black Students: #BlackLivesMatter. Written by Dr. Rae Paris and signed by Black faculty around the world, including our own:

New 2015 President, NiCole T. Buchanan, PhD.

Please share widely, especially with your college studentsBlack Faculty, and allies who stand in solidarity.

- D12S6 will be posting dissertation and travel award for the APA convention in the Spring, so come check it out in the future. If you are interested in joining our section, please visits our website:

Monday, December 29, 2014

Job Posting- Seattle Pacific University

Please follow the link to learn more information about a position as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Job Posting- Assistant Professor position at University of Alabama

Please follow the link below for information about an Assistant Professor position at the University of Alabama:

Job Posting- Kansas City VA Medical Center

Kansas City VA Medical Center Post Doctoral Training Program- Call for Applications

Psychologists at the Kansas City, Missouri, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (KCVAMC) thank you for your inquiry and welcome your interest in our Psychology Postdoctoral Training Program. The primary goal of the program is to provide intensive and advanced training in the practice of psychology with mental health patients. The postdoctoral program is designed to develop advanced practice competencies and expertise based upon sound scientific and professional practice foundations. The training integrates clinical, scientific, and ethical knowledge in the development of attitudes and skills basic to professional psychology. The philosophy of training at the KCVAMC is best described as a "scholar-practitioner" model. The training experiences have a strong clinical focus. Knowledge and use of empirically supported processes and interventions and models of evidence-based practice are expected and encouraged in all aspects of the program.

The end result of the postdoctoral program will be that the residents will develop a professional identity that is appropriate for an autonomous professional psychologist working within multiprofessional treatment settings. The training program will allow the residents opportunities to develop an understanding and appreciation of the perspectives and expertise contributed uniquely by psychologists, as well as an appreciation and understanding of roles of other health care professions. We believe that an autonomous psychologist maintains the highest ethical standards and exercises critical thinking and sound judgment in the provision of all psychological services. In addition to possessing professional practice skills, the autonomous psychologist is flexible and has personal resources that permit generalization of skills to new situations.

The KCVAMC provides services to diverse populations. The Medical Center strives to create a therapeutic environment for, and ensure ethical treatment of, patients with diverse backgrounds and characteristics. Thus, an important goal of the postdoctoral program is to increase residents’ knowledge and skills in working with a wide range of clients from different cultural backgrounds.

Residents accepted in the Psychology Postdoctoral Program are expected to have a strong motivation to learn and the ability to accept supervision in a professional manner. Postdoctoral training is an extension of academic and internship training, but not a substitute for it. Therefore, students are expected to have acquired proficiency in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of standard intelligence and personality tests. In addition, writing ability is expected to be well-developed, as evidenced by useful, accurate, concise and thorough report writing skills. Psychotherapy experience with adults, including older adults, is required.

Please see attached brochure for more information and also required materials for application:

The deadline for applications is January 1, 2015. (No faxes please.) All applications received after this date will be considered only for unfilled positions after the initial application pool has been notified and interviewed by KCVA staff

*For additional information and all application submissions:

Brenna Shortridge-Pearce, Ph.D.
Psychology Training Director
VA Medical Center (MH-116A3)
4801 Linwood Blvd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64128
*Applications can be mailed or sent via email.  Do not include any social security numbers on emailed correspondence.  If such information is required the applicant will be contacted directly by the training director.  Please do not send faxes.